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MainFlow: unique software

Our own MainFlow IT platform supports the maintenance process in the entire chain. From resident to material supplier: our software created a real-time process that can be followed online. Data can be consulted and analysed for individual tenants, units and technicians, or from a helicopter view level with many different perspectives.

Process cost analysis for housing corporations

Every housing corporation wants to have maximum grip on the costs of their process. How does the maintenance department perform in comparison to other corporations? How do we rank in terms of costs and customer satisfaction? MainPlus Property Maintenance offers corporations a process cost analysis. This baseline measurement is an ideal departure point that provides clear insights into the historic and actual status of various aspects of the maintenance process. In this analysis, we extract many individual parameters from the maintenance system to determine a large number of relevant performance indicators such as:

  • Degree of repairs
  • Degree of mutations
  • First-time-fixed percentage
  • Amount of work orders and assignments
  • Productivity of individual technicians
  • Direct and indirect maintenance costs
  • Breakdown for each maintenance type

This baseline measurement converts the maintenance process into a format that is easy to compare with other reference organisations. Concrete results of this analysis are:

  • Validated insights in how the organisation performs in comparison to others
  • Identification of points of improvement (qualitative)
  • Identification of savings potential (quantitative)
  • Specific input to make a validated determination for an internal or external maintenance service


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mainplus intakemainplus planning

Intake & Scheduling

How to safeguard a flawless intake procedure in which a non-technical resident reports a repair request online or to a call centre operator? After all, the technician must know exactly what work needs to be done and what materials must be used.


MainPlus maintains the following decision tree method to safeguard this procedure:

  • Determining the LED (location, element, defect)
  • Selection of the appropriate field of expertise, maintenance partner, region and timeslot
  • Correct settlement method (tenant’s expenses, insurance, service contract, within warranty period, et cetera)

Using the MainFlow IT platform, a tenant or call centre operator can immediately schedule a technician within a 2 hour slot based on the determined LED for the repair request. This reduces the required amount of contact moments to one.

Call centre

MainPlus Property Maintenance employs a team of well-trained call centre operators who are able to collect all relevant information in a professional and customer-friendly way. Our MainFlow IT platform supports this process and generates an adequate order description, even when the technical expertise of the person calling is limited. MainPlus does of course use the name and corporate identity of the property owner in all communication towards the tenants if this is preferred.

Property owner website

The system used by the call centre operator uses the same underlying information for submitting repair requests as the module used on the website of the housing corporation. This offers multiple benefits:

  • Tenants can submit their requests whenever they prefer
  • Tenants can schedule their own appointments with the relevant technicians
  • The intake for repair requests is multilingual to accommodate speakers of other languages

mainplus begeleiding uitvoering

Supervision & Execution


MainPlus Property Maintenance does not employ its own technicians. Consequently, you can (continue to) work with your own preferred maintenance partner(s). And, as MainPlus Property Maintenance has no revenue-interest whatsoever in the work performance, you will always receive the best price-quality ratio. By default, MainPlus Property Maintenance carries out a competence assessment with the technicians of maintenance partners. In addition to quality work, their communicative skills and customer-friendly attitude are also assessed.


To provide guidance and supervision to technicians during and after work performance, MainPlus Property Maintenance has its own supervisors who regularly verify the quality of completed work. These supervisors also carry out inspections for repair requests in which the nature of the defect cannot be determined easily and clearly.

mainplus financiele afhandelingmainplus rapportage

Financial settlement & Reporting

How do you ensure that the actual results at the end of the financial year match the budget made in advance? Choose between various models for financial settlement. You can opt for a fixed price per housing unit for all maintenance and repair work, regardless of the amount of repairs actually completed. For the mutations, a fixed price per mutation per year can be agreed upon.

Whenever you outsource work, it is of course key to stay in control. This is exactly why you receive an extensive monthly report based on KPI’s such as tenant satisfaction, quality of the performed work and actual maintenance expenses. Together we verify and manage the process to reach the highest quality level across the board.

With these settlement models you guarantee that your actual numbers will not contain any surprises in comparison to your budget. With MainPlus Property Maintenance you get complete grip on every aspect of the daily maintenance of your portfolio, and on your budget.

mainplus verhuurmutatie

Rent mutations

MainPlus Property Maintenance helps you to organise and execute your mutation process, from the moment one tenant announces the end of its tenancy up until the final inspection after performed mutation maintenance. This service is used to support your acceptance process of the rental unit upon it being vacated by a tenant (acceptance report) and for (mutation) maintenance performed thereafter. The result of this inspection is a complete and clear work description and list of materials that is directly available to you. All associated costs are also specified in advance. Prior to the execution of this process, we closely work together with you to fine-tune every detail, in which limiting the loss of rental income is one of the key objectives.

Your key benefits are:

  • Maximisation of the occupancy rate
  • Minimisation of the administrative burden
  • Decrease in maintenance costs as maintenance partner(s) unburden entirely
  • Transparent logistical process, including supply chain integration for material suppliers
  • Transparent agreements about the quality of the completion state

MainPlus Property Maintenance works, for instance, with maintenance templates that are based on strategic stock management, fixed prices and a clearly agreed upon material list.