mainplus efficienter en effectiever onderhoud

Quick and customer-friendly approach

Remedying your customer´s damage claims quickly and professionally is the key to saving on repair expenses and increasing customer satisfaction. Our impeccable intake process during the initial notification ensures that is it unambiguously registered where the defect is located, which element is affected and what the specific defect is. This information enables the immediate deployment of the appropriate technician and materials. By solving claims during the first visit, you save at least 20% on your expenses and enjoy a much more efficient process.

mainplus huurderstevredenheid staat voorop

Customer satisfaction comes first

Whether your customers are your tenants or the people you insure, every organisation revolves around customer satisfaction. That’s why we enable tenants to report their repair requests 24/7, either online or by calling us, and immediately schedule when the technician will come to solve the problem. For insurance companies, the damage claim is routed through them before the technician’s appointment is made. Your customer is updated about the process and when the problem will be solved by receiving a confirmation and reminders by e-mail or text message. Only when the repair is entirely completed will the customer receive a customer satisfaction survey to gain insights in his or her overall experience. The results? An average 8.2 customer satisfaction rate!

mainplus efficienter administratief proces

Streamline your administration

MainPlus offers a fixed fee for all services. This can, for instance, be a fixed fee per housing unit per year for all repairs and mutation maintenance, or be based on each insured individual. With this model, MainPlus turns the unpredictable component of maintenance and damage repairs into a fully predictable factor. Furthermore, tenant satisfaction and a quality work performance is guaranteed. MainPlus reduces your invoice flow with over 98% and also reduces the amount of verification moments . This leads to a significant reduction in your administration, translating to yet another cost reduction. Furthermore, our software and reports offer both the property owner and the insurance company grip on their entire process.

mainplus onderhoudsketen ondersteunend ict platform

Smart software to support the chain

Our MainFlow IT platform supports everyone in the chain of property maintenance and repairs: the tenant or insured individual, the supervisor, the technicians, the financial administration and management. Our platform is of course fully compliant with formalised industry standards such as VERA and ‘S@les in de Bouw’. Everyone involved gets real-time insights in critical or helpful information such as cartographic library information, malfunction reports, scheduled appointments, usage of consumable items, time registration and reports. Information is registered within the system with a single action, after which everyone can consult it. This induces a smooth collaboration and communication between your customers, your team and third party maintenance or repair partners. MainPlus provides services to the entire maintenance chain. Working with your own ERP system? MainPlus will fully integrate MainFlow into your ERP environment.

mainplus kwaliteit in de uitvoering

Quality performance

Solving malfunctions, repairs and damages during the first visit and attempt is our goal. Our meticulous intake process enables a high success rate in this. In most cases, the intake can accurately determine the specific nature of the request. Sometimes, a further inspection is needed. If that’s the case, our supervisors play an important part. He or she finds our what’s wrong and also safeguards quality of the work performed by technicians by verifying their results once the job is done.

mainplus resultaatgedreven in plaats van omzetgedreven

Not revenue-driven but result-oriented

MainPlus has departed from the traditional earning model of an X share of the repair costs, as it incentivises maximising customer expenses. MainPlus does not benefit from work execution at all, a unique approach for the property maintenance industry. Our customers benefit from the fact the MainPlus is economically motivated to invest in close collaborations with companies that are revenue-driven and are able to deliver quality work against the lowest reasonable price.

mainplus vastgoedeigenaar is in control

In control of your entire process

Property owners and insurance companies require grip on their processes, especially when things take place outside the internal organisation such as repair work. Up-to-date and transparent insights in expenses, quality of ownership and satisfaction (for instance based on formalised industry standards) defined in clear KPI’s enable proper management of stipulated company objectives.

mainplus directe input voor vastgoedsturing

Direct property management input

Our software makes it surprisingly easy to analyse repair requests and feedback from technicians. This analysis offers highly valuable property management information. If, for instance, an irregular amount of repair requests are reported from the same apartment building, this contains important information for the regular maintenance schedule.